Our goal at MyTF is to inspire the next generation of children to become “World Changers.”  Through interactive books, apps, dynamic music, children with their unique learning styles experience the joy of learning.  Our motto … “If you put it to music, it sticks!” Add adventurous storytelling to build character and positive values, children not only learn but grow ‘inside out’. We are honored to have over one million views on My Travel Friends educational music videos. The My Travel Friends book series feature a handsome howlin’ hound named Duke and his journeys with his adopted family, the Captain and Lettuce Learn as they find an animal friend on each of the continents. Your children will learn along with them how to find simple, everyday ways to live a full life and make the world a better place.

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Laurie Zundel inspires children worldwide through her imaginative stories filled with music, movement and creative visuals. Her life-long passion is to make learning fun and encourage children to discover their unique gifts and strengths, nurturing growth and self-esteem. Her love for children of all cultures and passion for learning and building character are at the heart of each of her creative works. Laurie is a member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and a recipient of Women in Leadership Education Award. Laurie loves her home in the majestic Pacific Northwest and deeply cherishes her husband, their five daughters and 15 grandkids. For more info, visit www.lauriezundel.com.



Duke the handsome howlin’ hound from North America
Do the Right Thing

Bonzo the brave, bouncing frog from South America
Be Brave

Alley a loving, fashion cat from Europe
Love Others

Chomp the Go Green shark from Australia
Keep the Earth Clean

Sophie a food loving, friendly rabbit from Asia
Be a Good Friend

Figaro a fig firing farmer from Africa
Be Healthy

Quin a quirky questioning penguin scientist from Antarctica
I am a Gift

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Go on adventures with My Travel Friends around the world. Have fun building character and learning about different cultures with these fun, relatable characters. Available in apps, books, audio books, e-readers and with Parent/Teacher guides for extended learning. Image of child reading adventure book.

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We utilize color, visuals and song to teach in a way that sticks. Engage with My Travel Friends and have fun learning things from the ABC’s to multiplication, states and capitals and more.

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What kids are Saying…

What I like about My Travel Friends are the characters like Duke and all the colors. I like that you can move things around and I like that they travel ALL over the world. The songs are funny and they stick in my head!

Annika, Kindergartener

What families are saying…

This series is a “must have for kids” to see real world places and appreciate other cultures. These stories challenge my family to discuss global issues and find simple ways to do something about it.

Thomas, Finance Professional, and father of two

What teachers are saying…

From one educator to another, this series is worth checking out! I’m always searching for quality literature and was thrilled to find this series. My Travel Friends books and apps come with Teacher Guides that work well in small groups, whole class instruction and any classroom configuration. For small groups or centers, I like that you can turn the apps to a “read to me” option, where scholars can interact with the text or I can have it up on our smart board and interact with them there. My favorite part about these books is that they teach to the WHOLE CHILD while at the same time individualizing each child’s experience through the availability of many multiple intelligence features. For example, scholars can interact kinesthetically, musically, artistically and with many of their senses! In addition, they teach geography, cultural acceptance, life skills, character building & positive principles in a time when novel and engaging sources for such instruction are needed more than ever.

Katie Joy, Veteran Educator and ESL Specialist



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50 STATES AND CAPITALS dog character